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Second Possible Meth Lab Found In Archbold

            A manufactured home in the Colony Meadows Trailer Court is the site of the second possible methamphetamine lab found in the Village of Archbold.

            Martin Schmidt, Archbold police chief, said Friday an officer was patrolling in Colony Meadows about 9:24 pm, Tuesday night, July 16, when he noticed the manufactured home on Lot 33 had a broken window.

            Schmidt said the officer believed the home was unoccupied.

            The officer exited his cruiser and knocked on the door. When he did, he discovered the door had been damaged.

            He also noticed items were stacked near an open window.

            The officer called the owner of the manufactured home. When the owner arrived, he and the officer entered the home, and discovered what was believed to be the materials for making methamphetamine.

            Police contacted the Multi-Area Narcotics (MAN) Unit, a multi-jurisdictional anti-drug task force. Also assisting was a Wauseon police officer who conducts drug investigations.

            The MAN unit responded to the scene with a trailer specially-equipped for cleaning up toxic wastes left over from meth labs. Task force personnel were seen in the vicinity wearing white protective suits.

            Police were called to a South Lincoln Street home on Friday, July 5, after a suspected methamphetamine lab was found in the basement of that residence.

            The first methamphetamine case was reported to police on the afternoon of Monday, July 1, when materials for making meth were found in Lions Park.

            Schmidt said at this point, he does not believe the two possible lab sites are connected.

            No arrests in either case have been made.

            Schmidt said the investigations are continuing.-Posted 7.19, 5 pm

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