Archbold, OH

Scissor Lift Stolen

A scissor lift, a mechanical platform for elevating construction crews for aboveground work, has been reported stolen.

CHSC Container Handling Systems Corporation, Countryside, Ill., is a contractor working on revamping the ConAgra plant. The company rented three scissor lifts from United Rental, Perrysburg.

When CHSC workers left on Saturday, April 22, there were three lifts at the construction site.

When they returned on Thursday, April 27, there were only two.

CHSC workers searched the site, but did not find the lift.

United Rental sent signals to the Global Positioning

System (GPS) trackers mounted on the lifts. The two units left at the site responded. The tracker on missing lift did not.

After further searching of the construction site failed to turn up the missing lift, CHSC officials filed a police report for the machine, Monday, May 8.

The unit is valued at $12,000.

Police are investigating.

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