Archbold, OH

Schultz To Head Water Plant

Scott Schultz

Scott Schultz

Archbold Village Council named Scott Schultz superintendent of water for the Village of Archbold at its Monday, Jan. 17 meeting.

He replaces Rick Schantz, current superintendent, who will retire March 1.

A 27-year employee of the village, Schultz must serve a six-month probationary period, but Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator said he has “every expectation the appointment will be permanent.”

Howell said Schultz joined the water department in 1983, and was assigned to the water distribution system.

Schultz worked with Tom Bernath, who was head of the distribution system until Bernath retired in 1999. Schultz took over Bernath’s position.

Howell said about 2 1/2 years ago, Schantz informed village officials of his intent to retire. Class IV

Water treatment plants in Ohio are rated based on size, I through IV. Archbold’s plant is a Class IV, the largest classification.

To be the superintendent of a Class IV plant, a person must have a Class IV water treatment plant operator license.

The Class IV license requires supervisory experience. Council created a supervisory position to provide Schultz with the necessary experience.

The Class IV license does not require a test; instead, Schultz had to write a thesis. When he first submitted his thesis to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Board in June 2009, it was 172 pages. It was returned by OEPA with a request for more information.

He submitted the document a second time in April 2010. It was 272 pages.

The thesis was accepted and Schultz was granted a Class IV license.

Howell said fewer than 120 people in Ohio possess the Class IV license. Four of them are from Archbold: Schultz, Schantz, Howell, and Jeff Neuenschwander, another water department worker.

Schantz came to Archbold from Swanton, where he was in charge of that community’s water treatment plant. (Continued from first page)

OEPA allows a Class III operator to work at a Class IV plant for a limited period of time before obtaining the higher license. Schantz completed his Class IV license thesis while heading the Archbold operation.

In a related matter, council agreed to eliminate the supervisory position that was created at the water plant for Schultz.

Howell said the position was no longer necessary.

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