Archbold, OH

Schools Operate Frugally

Archbold Area School District teachers, staff members, and administrators have done admirable work keeping expenses at 2006 levels.

They did it without drastic, draconian cuts like ending sports or canceling music as other districts have done.

Everyone cooperated to keep costs down.

Teachers deserve a large portion of the credit. They agreed to a oneyear freeze in base pay for the current school year, followed by a total of 2.75% in raises over the next two years.

Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, told school board members and administrators, she studied the school budget and found few places to cut.

Every businessman will say there are always places to cut, and that’s true; but at some point cuts will directly impact student programs. That could mean fewer classes, fewer extracurricular programs, fewer activities. That’s something everyone wants to avoid.

In spite of keeping expenses low, the school board still seeks a renewal of the emergency tax levy.

Facing declining revenues from almost every source, the board’s levy request is a reasonable answer. It deserves the public’s support.

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