Archbold, OH

School Report Cards: The Good, The Bad, The Questionable

There’s good news in the most recent round of school report card information.

There’s also bad news, and news that makes one scratch his head and wonder.

Good news: Archbold schools earned five A grades out of nine possible, with nothing lower than a C. That shows the school district is doing something right.

Bad news: Archbold fifth graders didn’t do well on their math test. The Ohio Department of Education says to meet requirements, 80% of students must score a passing grade. Only about 76% of Archbold fifth graders passed. Obviously, teachers and administrators need to take a hard look at that result.

Questionable: Pettisville earns an F for overall student progress?

Pettisville Schools have an excellent reputation in academics. Pettisville students do well in several academic areas, study at prestigious colleges and universities, do outstanding work in science fair competitions, win awards in creative arts.

In another measure, Performance Index, Pettisville turned in a score of 107.2, by far the highest in the county.

So, how do they score an F in overall student progress? That needs additional explanation.

Overall the state data is good news and points out shortcomings in both districts.

Now, it’s time to get to work on the shortcomings.

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