Archbold, OH

School Finances In Good Hands

The recent report that the Archbold Area School District is projected to need a property tax levy in 2011 is disturbing to some.

But based on what this newspaper has seen of Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, and David Deskins, district superintendent, we are confident if they say the district needs the money, then the money is needed.

During meetings of the Archbold Area School Board, Ziegler has presented comprehensive explanations of her computations and forecasting methods. She has demonstrated an expansive knowledge of her field.

Despite this being the first time Deskins has been a school superintendent, he has accomplished what some thought was an insurmountable task; he’s cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from the school budget. He has accomplished the goal through innovative management and good old-fashioned sharp-pencil cost cutting.

Already, Deskins, Ziegler, and the staff of the school district have pushed back the need for an operating levy by two years. Voters were originally scheduled to face a levy question in 2009.

Remember, the financial data available now is only a projection, and many things can happen in two years. If the need for a levy can be pushed further into the future, we’re confident Deskins, Ziegler, and the Archbold staff can, and will, get the job done.

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