Archbold, OH

School Districts To Split Capital Budget Cash

The joint Northwest State Community College-Archbold Area School District-Pettisville Local School District wind plan isn’t a joint plan.

David Deskins and Steve Switzer, superintendents of the Archbold and Pettisville districts, respectively, said the two school districts will split the $250,000 in the state’s capital budget.

State Representatives Bruce Goodwin (R-Defiance) and Lynn Wachtmann (R-Napoleon), and Steve Buehrer, state senator (RDelta), worked to get $250,000 for the wind power project into the capital budget.

The capital budget is the mechanism state officials use to fund local infrastructure and building projects.

Not Feasible

Deskins and Switzer said it isn’t feasible to build one wind turbine for both schools, because the cost to deliver electricity between the two is prohibitive.

“One project doesn’t make fi- nancial sense,” Deskins said.

Instead, Archbold will develop its project based on “retrofit” technology.

In other words, Archbold school district officials will explore ways of adding alternative energy systems to existing school buildings.

Pettisville will take a different tact- incorporating alternative energy into new buildings.

That part of the project will be done in connection with the proposed construction of a new Pettisville Local School district building.

Plans call for Pettisville to pay for the bulk of a new school with Ohio School Facility Commission money.

Swtizer said school officials are looking into using a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Below ground level, soil temperatures stay a consistent 50 degrees.

Water or other fluid would be circulated through underground pipes or wells, cooling or warming the water to 50 degrees.

A system of compressors and other equipment would provide either heating or cooling, as needed.

The Ottoville school district, in Putnam County, operates a building with geothermal heating and cooling, and has seen lower heating and cooling costs.

Switzer said the district is looking into constructing the building so photovoltaic panels, or a wind turbine, could be added later, he said.

Northwest State has a limited role in the project.

If Archbold constructs a wind turbine, Northwest State will use the machine as a lab experience for its students.

Capital Budget

Information provided by Buehrer’s office indicates the two bodies of the Ohio Legislature, the House of Representatives and the Senate, have each passed their own versions of the capital bill.

Both versions include the money for the joint project.

The two versions of the capital bill go to a joint conference committee, where the differences will be hammered out.

The committee is due to report back June 10.

Plans call for the final version of the bill to go to the governor for his signature after the conference committee. – David Pugh

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