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School Construction Workers Served Thanksgiving Dinner At Pettisville

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Staff and students at Pettisville Schools showed appreciation to construction workers building their new school building by hosting them for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Tuesday, Nov. 23 meal “was a team effort,” said Donna Meller, PHS science teacher and coordinator of the event.

“It was about us putting together (a meal) to show our appreciation for their efforts.”

About 40 workers sat down to a meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, a dinner roll, apple crisp, ice cream, and milk. Carryout containers were provided for those who couldn’t take time off the job. A total of about 50 meals were served

“They (the workers) were very appreciative,” Meller said.

FFA Conference

The meal had its beginnings when one of the FFA members talked about attending an FFA leadership conference in which service within the community was discussed.

Meller said she thought, “wouldn’t it be perfect to show our gratitude to the individual workers who every day are out there, building our new school.

“It snowballed into a neat experience.”

Students and teachers from the elementary school were also involved. First graders made Thanksgiving themed placemats, while second and third graders made invitations for Steve Switzer, district superintendent, to hand out to the workers.

Fourth and fifth graders created thank you notes to go with the meals. Sixth graders decorated the tops of the carryout containers.

Eighth graders assembled the invitations, while vocational agriculture students cleaned up the shop and set up tables and chairs.

Lunch & Dinner

Brenda Aeschliman, Pettisville Schools head cook, and her staff helped plan and prepared the meal, in addition to serving the regular lunch to staff and students, Meller said.

The day of the meal, vo ag students assisted cafeteria workers in serving lunch to elementary students.

Environmental science students assisted with the assembly of carryout containers and served meals to the workers. They and other high school science students assisted the cafeteria staff with setup for the meal, and clean up afterwards.

The cost of the meal was covered by the Pettisville School Foundation.


Meller said the experience taught several lessons.

“It didn’t matter what part you played. Everyone worked together to make it happen.

“A lot of work went on behind the scenes, from helping to the cooks to helping clean up. Everyone still plays an important role.

“It was a team effort,” Meller said. –David Pugh

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