Archbold, OH

School Board Won’t Purchase Land Due To Poor Economy

Scott Miller, president of the Archbold Area School Board, said the board will not pursue the purchase of property owned by the Archbold Evangelical Church.

During the Monday night, Oct. 19, board meeting, Miller said the board did not believe it was appropriate to purchase the property, given current economic conditions and unanswered questions over state funding of Ohio school districts.

Miller said members of the board and representatives of the church held “informative discussions,” but did not discuss a price.

The board did have the land appraised.

He said the board remains interested in purchasing the property later, but does not wish to stand in the way of the church selling the land to another buyer.

The Property

The property in question is about 3.5 acres of land on the southeast corner of Park Street and Blue Streak Drive.

The south boundary is treelined between the church property and the school dis- trict bus parking lot.

Included in property is the former church parsonage at the corner of Park and Franklin streets, and a maintenance building.

The property was first discussed at the May 21 board meeting.

David Deskins, district superintendent, suggested by purchasing the land the district could make room for a new middle school in 10 to 15 years.

The new school would replace the aging Stryker Street building that once served as Archbold High School.

Portions of that building are nearly 100 years old, and there are maintenance problems, particularly with the plumbing.

Logical Fit

Miller said the property would be “a logical fit” for the district, considering its proximity to the Lafayette Street campuses of the elementary and high schools.

But he said board members “did not feel it was appropriate” to purchase the land “in light of the economy.” –David

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