Archbold, OH

School Board Service Tough Job

Serving on a school board is not easy. Members spend many hours each month performing school board work… not just making appearances at meetings.

Prior to each meeting, they receive copies of documents, ranging from summaries of state legislature actions to the school district’s monthly check register. Reviewing the documents consumes hours of personal time.

Board members face decisions that impact the future of the community. They decide on tax levies. Their decisions directly impact taxpayer pocketbooks.

They are involved in decisions regarding employee discipline and contract negotiations.

Many issues are difficult and stressful. They involve Solomon-like choices, which please some and anger others. School board members often receive evening telephone calls from parents who believe their child has been wronged.

For their public service, Archbold board members receive $80 per meeting, for up to 18 meetings each year.

They don’t seek election for the money; there are easier ways to make $1,400 per year. They do it to serve their community.

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