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School Board Personnel Actions

Alex VanDeBussche was granted a one-year contract for buildings and groundskeeping for the 2021-22 school year by the Archbold School Board during its Monday, Aug. 16 meeting.

It was one of several personnel actions taken by the board.

Kathleen Burnette was approved as a substitute speech pathologist. Her effective dates are Sept. 1-Nov. 5.

Kelley Phillips was named to the same role for Aug. 25- Nov. 5.

Jed Grime was approved as a classified employee substitute for 2021-22, with an Aug. 2 effective date.

Elizabeth Leal, Jill Mack, and Tasha Short were named as classified substitutes for the year, pending all requirements and certifications are successfully met.

The list of bus and van drivers for the new school year was approved.

The board had scheduled an executive session for the meeting, but board members opted to remove the closeddoor session from the agenda.