Archbold, OH

School Board Okays Personnel Actions

The Archbold Area School Board approved several personnel actions during its Monday, April 16 meeting.

John Downey, school board member, abstained on voting on two of the issues because of family connections.

The board approved a contract for Jack Downey as a summer 2012 student custodian, and approved a twoyear certified contract for Ben Gericke, seventh grade science teacher.

Gericke’s contract places him at the bachelor’s degree plus 150 hours (of college coursework) level on the salary scale. It runs through 2014.

All remaining board members voted in favor of the two contracts. Treasurer

The board also approved an extended five-year contract for Christine Ziegler, district chief financial officer and treasurer.

Ziegler was presented with an award from the state auditor office for having clean audit reports.

In a statement read by Janet Wyse, school board member, “The clean audit report means that the financial audit (of the school district) did not contain findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, single-audit findings, or any questionable costs.

“Clean and accurate record keeping are the foundation, and the taxpayers can take pride in the schools’ commitment to accountability.”

Ziegler said she accepted the award on behalf of all Archbold school district staff, because without their commitment, a clean audit is not possible. Teacher Contracts

Board members also approved contracts for teachers for the 2012-13 school year.

Continuing contracts were awarded to Dustie Brubaker, who holds a master’s (MA) degree; Jennifer Buchhop, MA; Manda Eigensee, MA plus 15 hours; Kelly Kruse, MA; Jessica Miller, MA; Kevin K. Miller (PE), MA plus 15; and Kent Vandock, MA.

Two-year contracts were approved for John Brooks, MA; Anne Bryan, BA plus 150; Stefanie Hoffman, MA; Carla Hoverman, bachelor’s degree plus 150; Jennifer Jo Hurst, MA; Jeremy King, BA; JoAnn Short, bachelor’s degree plus 150.

One-year contracts were approved for Tim Booth, BA plus 150; Vanessa Camen, MA; Shawn Grime, MA; and Amy Liparoto, BA plus 150.

Continuing classified contracts were approved for Catherine Brubaker as a bus aide; Diana Fridley and Alicia Tijerina, lunchroom workers and cooks; and Linda Schmidt, playground aide.

One-year classified contracts were approved for Josh Rufenacht, bus mechanic, groundskeeper; Larry Rupp, building maintenance worker, custodian; and Michael Wilson, custodian. Executive Session

Prior to voting on personnel matters, board members met behind closed doors in executive session for about 45 minutes.

Stated reason for the closed-door session was “to discuss the employment, promotion or demotion of public employees.”–David Pugh

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