Archbold, OH

School Board Looking Into New Buses, Pavement Repair At High School

David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, said Tuesday, June 10, the Archbold Area School Board authorized him to look into the purchase of new school buses, and pavement repairs.

The board held a special 7 am meeting Tuesday in the Archbold High School conference room.

The aging bus fleet has been a concern for some time. Add to that the fact that the price of school buses is expected to increase by $20,000 to $25,000 per vehicle next year, due to new emission requirements.

Deskins said he is looking into purchasing and/or leasing as many as four new school buses.

Leasing may be an attractive option, because it may be less expensive to purchase the bus at the end of the lease than wait and purchase a new bus after the price increase.

Right now, Deskins said there are two buses in the fleet that are inoperable. One has suffered a catastrophic engine failure. Repairs on both would cost more than the vehicles are worth.

“Both of the buses date back to the 1980s. They are extremely aged, with excessive mileage.

“The bus that threw the rods was actually considered one of our more reliable spares,” he said.

Fewer Routes

Deskins said district officials are considering cutting the number of bus routes driven every school day.

“If we can cut back one or two buses, it would be great- if we can do it without having our kids on the buses too long.

“We are constantly rethinking the way we do business, especially when we have diesel fuel prices soaring,” Deskins said.


Deskins said pavement repairs are part the overall consideration of permanent improvements in the school district.

“The buildings that were new in the early 1990s are no longer new. We are working very diligently to put in place a permanent improvement plan,” Deskins said.

The biggest pavement concern is two parking areas in front of the Archbold High School. Deskins said the pavement has deteriorated to a point that they must be addressed or the pavement must be replaced entirely.

Other paved areas need to be coated with a sealer, he said.

He said he has no idea what the repairs will cost.

He said board members discussed other permanent improvement issues during the Tuesday morning meeting.- David Pugh

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