Archbold, OH

Scam Reported

Archbold police received a report of an attempted scam that has been tried before in Archbold.

Helen E. Weldy, 84, Archbold, told police on Monday, Sept. 18, she received a call from a subject claiming to be her grandson.

The caller told her he had been incarcerated the night before, and needed $5,000 to hire an attorney. The person told her to go to a discount store and buy five $1,000 prepaid credit cards.

She was then to call an attorney, who would give her further instructions.

But Weldy called her grandson at his residence. When he answered the phone, she realized she was being scammed.

Officers told her if she received further calls from the scammer, she is to hang up the phone.

Police looked into the number Weldy was given to call, and found it traces back to Quebec, Canada.

There have been over 968,639 complaints about the number.

Police filed a complaint with the telephone company, and closed their local case.

In a related incident, Megan D. Wyse, 37, Archbold, told police on Saturday, Sept. 16, someone hacked into her seller’s account on a pet website. Her contact information was changed, and the price of the puppies she offered for sale was raised.

Wyse told officers she changed the passwords for the account.

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