Archbold, OH

Sawdust Fire At Sauder Power Plant

Archbold Fire Department spent about eight hours at the Sauder Woodworking co-generation power plant monitoring a sawdust fire, Sunday, July 13.

Andy Brodbeck, Archbold Fire Department chief, said firefighters were called to a structure fire at the plant at 11:47 am.

When they arrived, they found sawdust and a paper bag burning on some equipment on the second level of the plant. That fire was quickly extinguished.

But, he said, firefighters realized that sawdust in a bin inside the building was also burning. Firefighters used the bin’s auger system to move the sawdust into one of the plant’s boilers, where it was burned.

Once the bin was empty, they used hoses to clear out burning debris left in the bin.

Brodbeck said exactly how the fire started is not known, but one of the boilers developed a leak and had to be shut down. The sawdust fire could be connected to the incident, he said.

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