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Sauder Woodworking Sells Trucking Arm

Kevin Sauder, chief executive officer of Sauder Woodworking, said the company’s trucking operation, Sauder Transit, has been sold.

The decision was announced to company employees Thursday, Jan. 22, in an internal company memo.

Sauder Transit was sold to K. C. Transportation of Carleton, Mich.

“They have specialized skills in auto parts and just-in-time delivery,” Sauder said.

“They will be hiring all our drivers for comparable wages and benefits, and will serve our customer’s needs,” he said.

Sauder Transit

Sauder Transit was a fleet of about 44 leased semi tractors and 60 trailers, which delivered Sauder Woodworking products to customers.

While Sauder Transit provided outstanding service to Sauder Woodworking customers, Sauder said operating a 44- truck trucking company wasn’t cost-efficient. Sauder Transit couldn’t take advantages of economies of scale in purchasing things like fuel, liability insurance, etc.,

Sauder Transit also had trouble finding “back hauls,” loads coming back towards Archbold.

The company’s costs “were slightly above market rate,” Sauder said.

Thus the decision was made “to link up with a business partner.”

K.C. Transportation

The K.C. Transportation website states the company was founded by Kenyon S. Calender in 1986. At that time, he was the only employee, and K. C. transportation owned one tractor with one trailer.

Today, the company has 300 employees, 310 semi tractors, and 595 trailers. The firm operates trucking terminals at its Carleton, Mich., headquarters, Princeton, Ind., London, Ky., and Wayne, Mich.

Calender remains owner and CEO of the firm, which the website bills as “one of the largest minority-owned truck companies in the Midwest region.”

Trucks carrying the Sauder Woodworking name and colors won’t disappear from the road immediately, but Sauder said as the leases on those trucks expire and are replaced, the Sauder livery will fade away, to be replaced by K.C. colors.

Sustainable Business Plan

Sauder said the decision to sell Sauder Transit fits with the company’s sustainable business plan, or SBP.

Selling the trucking business lowers the company’s costs, and simplifies Sauder Woodworking business.

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