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Sales Tax Down In October



Sales tax revenue received by Fulton County was down about 2.25% in October, Vond Hall, Fulton County administrator said last week.

Sales tax revenue received during the month was $336,092.59, down $7,726.46, or about 2.25%, when compared to October 2006.

Sales tax in Fulton County is 6.5% on the purchase of certain goods and services. Merchants charge the tax at the time of sale, then send the receipts to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

The State of Ohio keeps a 5.5% share and sends Fulton County’s 1% back to the county. It takes about three months from the time revenue is collected on a sale, to the time the revenue is returned to the county.

Down $14,004.93

Hall said county officials had anticipated that sales tax would raise an additional $14,004.93, which would have been $350,097.52.

“It is not way off, but off none the less,” Hall said.

“If we receive what is anticipated for the next two months, we should come close to expected.

“Last year, we ended with $4,082,790.38 (in total sales tax revenue). I don’t think we will make it to $4 million, but it will be close.

“Last month, we made up a lot of ground. It was the best month of the year.”

September sales tax revenue was $423,3296.66, which was $32,347.21, or about 8.27% more than September 2006, when sales tax revenue was $390,949.34.

Year To Date

So far during 2007, Fulton County’s 1% share of sales tax revenue has brought in $3,340,539.99 to the county.

That’s down $76,071.96, or about 2.23%, from the same January-to-October in 2006, when total sales tax revenue was $3,416,611.95.

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