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Sad Sign For Archbold

Last week, an Archbold boy was charged in Fulton County juvenile court with delinquency by way of possession of marijuana.

That’s unusual in itself, but what’s really shocking is the boy is 11 years old, and he was caught with marijuana at Archbold Middle School.

This is another, it-couldn’t-happenhere incident. A pre-teen, caught with pot. What’s next?

This disturbing case prompts a lot of questions. Where does an 11-year-old get marijuana? Does he know how to use it? Why didn’t his parents know? Law enforcement needs to find the answers.

Some things went right in the case. His classmates were brave to pass the marijuana information to school offi- cials, who rightly followed with their own investigation.

Bringing in Archbold Police was another right move.

Brushing the incident under the rug with a warning or after-school detention sends the wrong message to the student body.

The right message is there will be a severe price to pay if you are caught with illegal drugs.

Let us hope the young boy can turn away from illegal drugs, forever.

Another hope is that Archbold adults redouble efforts to keep illegal drugs out of the school and the hands of children.

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