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Rural Archbold Man Sentenced For 2009 Pettisville Burglary

Bobby Rodriguez, 19, rural Archbold, was sentenced to five days at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, and placed on community control in Fulton County Common Pleas Court.

Rodriguez was one of three men indicted in connection with a Nov. 19, 2009 breakin at Sunday’s Market, Pettisville.

Jerod R. Yedica, 19, and Donald L. Kendall, III, 24, Archbold, were the other two indicted in connection with the burglary.

Yedica and Kendall were involved in a single-car crash on Co. Rd. 22 near Co. Rd. L on the evening of Nov. 19.

There were three others, all females, in the auto. All of the passengers in the car were injured in the crash.

The females, including two juveniles, were not charged in connection with the crime.

A review of court records indicates Yedica is awaiting sentencing on charges against him; the case against Kendall is still pending.

James Barber, Fulton County Common Pleas Court judge, recently reserved an eight-month prison sentence for Rodriguez, and placed him on community control for two years. The jail sentence is part of his community control.

In addition, Rodriguez was ordered to make restitution of $3,376.25, and pay the cost of his prosecution.

He also was ordered not to enter Sunday’s Market, to stay out of bars and taverns, neither possess nor consume alcohol, and successfully complete drug and alcohol treatment.

Rodriguez also was ordered to observe an 11 pm to 6 am curfew.

Others recently sentenced:

•Anthony Howey, 34, Gladwin, Mich.; previously pleaded guilty to theft; on Sept. 8, 2008, stole items from a Fayette school building; sentenced to 60 days at CCNO, sentence suspended, placed on community control for one year; ordered to pay cost of prosecution, $200 restitution.

•Jennifer Reichard, 34, Clayton, Mich.; previously pleaded guilty to theft and possession of criminal tools; on Nov. 29, 2009, she and two others shoplifted items from a Wauseon discount store; had criminal tools in her possession that were intended for use in a crime; sentenced to 180 days at CCNO, all but 45 days suspended, with credit for 10 days served; placed on two years community control; work release granted if eligible; ordered to pay cost of prosecution, $39.59 restitution, have no contact with co-defendants Jondale Winters or Steven Ostrander.

•Karlene Mazzoli, 21, Swanton; convicted of theft; between Sept. 14 and Nov. 26, 2009, stole jewelry and other items from a Swanton home; nine-month prison sentence reserved, placed on community control for two years, ordered to spend three days at CCNO at her cost; ordered to pay prosecution cost, $758.47 in restitution, have no contact with victim or immediate family; complete drug and alcohol treatment, obtain a general education diploma (GED), abide by an 11 pm to 6 am curfew.

•Robert K. Wurns, Jr., 20, Delta; previously pleaded guilty to burglary; on Dec. 2, 2009, broke into a rural Swanton home; sentenced to three years in prison, ordered to make restitution jointly and severally with co-defendants.

•Robert L. Engel III, Swanton; convicted of passing bad checks; on July 28, 2009, wrote a bad check for $778.92 to a Pettisville firm; sentenced to one year community control plus 60 days at CCNO; 57 days suspended, credit for three days served; fined $100, ordered to pay cost of prosecution, jail fee, $25 monthly supervision fee.

•Anthony W. Henricks, 25, Wauseon; sentenced on two counts attempted unauthorized use of computer, cable, or telecommunications property; in December 2009, tried to illegally connect to cable; placed on community control for one year, ordered to spend 90 days at CCNO, all but two days suspended, credit for two days served; ordered to pay cost of prosecution, $25 monthly supervision fee, commit no violations of law other than traffic offenses.

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