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Rupp Biggest Spender In Commissioner Primary

Perry Rupp, winner of the May 4 Republican primary for Fulton County Commissioner, spent nearly twice as much on his campaign as the second-place candidate.

Rupp, rural Wauseon, spent $6,662.75 on the campaign, all out of his own pocket. The figure was nearly twice as much as Daniel Bruner, rural Pettisville, who spent $3,452.61, and more than three times as much as third-place votegetter Mark Ballmer, Archbold, who spent $1,700.

With 1,793 votes cast for him, Rupp’s cost per vote was the highest, at $3.72.

With no Democratic opponent and no independent candidate, the only possible way Rupp could be kept out of the commissioner’s chair would be if he is defeated in the general election by a write-in candidate.

Based on his campaign expense report, Rupp’s campaign was primarily direct mail. He spent $2,062 with Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon, for printing and addressing campaign postcards, plus another $4,032.99 in postage.

Spending on newspaper advertising totaled $567.76. Rupp’s campaign spent $270 with this newspaper, $155.26 with the Delta Atlas, and $142.50 with the State Line Observer, Morenci, Mich.

The official name of Rupp’s campaign committee was Perry Rupp for Fulton County Commissioner, Jana L. Rupp, treasurer.


Bruner contributed $2,632.61 to his own campaign.

There were six other contributors: Anthony Uribes, Wauseon, $300; George Strayer, rural Wauseon, $200; Merrill Kane, Wauseon, $100; Benson Mc- Clarren, rural Delta, $100; Kevin Nelson, Wauseon, $100; Debbie Sanders, rural Delta, $20.

Bruner’s expenses included flyers and yard signs, plus newspaper and radio advertising.

Bruner spent $1,416.44 with Tomahawk Printing for flyers and yard signs– his biggest expenditure. He spent another $498.88 with The Key Shopper News, Swanton, for flyers, and $676.84 with the Fulton County Expositor, Wauseon, again for flyers.

Radio commercials aired by WMTR, Archbold, were $444.

He purchased advertisements with this newspaper for $85.50, the State Line Observer, Morenci, Mich., for $47.50, and the Delta Atlas for $54.

Bruner placed thank you ads in The Key Shopper News for $72, this newspaper, $57, Fulton County Expositor, $53.70, and in the Atlas, $27.

Bruner paid $19.75 to the Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Wauseon, for new checks.

After subtracting the cost of thank you ads, Bruner’s expenditures were $3,243.11. Counting the 1,232 votes cast for him, Bruner’s cost per vote was about $2.63.

The Bruner campaign committee was officially called Daniel Bruner for Fulton County Commissioner, George W. Strayer, treasurer.


Ballmer’s campaign reported carrying over $542.14 from an earlier campaign fi- nance report.

That pre-primary report included two $500 contributions, listed as “loan proceeds,” from the candidate himself.

There were also two $100 contributions, one each from William E. and Gloria Gunn, Wauseon.

The pre-primary report listed expenses of $477.86 with Donahue Advertising, Logan, for 150 yard signs with frames, $150 to Eagle Printing, Fayette, for 1,000 campaign postcards, and $30 to this newspaper for a twoweek ad.

Donations reported on the final campaign finance report included $125 from Childs Investment Group. Other donors: Janna Ballmer, rural Fayette, $100, George Jellen, Archbold, $100; Michael Ballmer, rural Fayette, $75.

There also was a $100 cash donation, which the Ballmer campaign listed as “anonymous undetermined.”

Ballmer also invested in direct mail. He spent $152.50 with Eagle Printing, Fayette, for postcards, plus a total of $318 with the Wauseon Post Office for postage.

Ballmer also purchased radio advertising, totaling $198, from WMTR.

Newspaper advertising costs were $133 to this newspaper, $113.60 to the Expositor, and $75 to the Atlas.

Ballmer’s campaign also notes a $52.04 payment to the candidate as “reimbursement for campaign filing expenses, paid out of his pocket.”

With total expenditures of $1,700, and 813 ballots cast for him, Ballmer’s cost per vote was $2.09.

The Ballmer campaign committee was officially named Mark Ballmer For Commissioner, Gloria Gunn, treasurer.

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