Archbold, OH

Runaway School Bus Not Good

Everyone should thank their lucky stars, give a rabbit’s foot an extra squeeze, and offer a big prayer of thanks, after an empty Archbold school bus rolled away and struck a pole.

The driver left the vehicle unattended. The Archbold police report states the parking brake wasn’t set.

Whatever happened, the bus rolled down the alley east of the Archbold Middle School about 2:30 pm, Thursday, Aug. 30, crossed Stryker Street, and smacked into a utility pole.

Damage was minimal, and no one was hurt.

Right now, it might give everyone a chuckle. But the what-if scenarios are mind-boggling.

Suppose it had been a little later in the afternoon, and children were walking along Stryker Street? The bus, rolling with its engine off, might not have made enough noise to warn kids it was coming.

Suppose motorists didn’t see the bus as it rolled into the street, and caused a pileup?

Suppose there were children on the bus?

Suppose it missed the pole and ended parked in the Archbold Library community room.

Yes, Archbold was very lucky. Let’s make sure it never happens again.

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