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Ruihley Park Scout Cabin Needs Floor

The Ruihley Park Scout Cabin needs work on the foundation that is expected to cost less than $10,000, Jennifer Kidder, Archbold Parks and Recreation director, said last week.

A crack, described by some as "large enough to put your hand in," has developed in the floor in the southeast corner of the building.

Kidder said the crack is big enough to present a tripping hazard, but it is located away from areas where people usually walk.

Cause, Repair

Kidder said it is believed that when the building was built in 1953, a tree was cut down to clear the way, but the stump was never removed. The building was simply built over it. Over the decades, the stump rotted away, leaving a void in the soil under the building.

As that void has collapsed, it has caused the floor to crack.

The solution to the problem will be to remove a portion of the floor, then pour a concrete "underfooter" under about a third of the building. Once the underfooter is in place, a new floor will be constructed.

This is the second time that work on the floor has been needed. Kidder said a few years ago, concrete was pumped under the building floor to level it.

Kidder said she doesn’t know exactly when the repairs will be made.

The park board has not made a definite decision to go ahead with the repairs. That won’t happen until the next board meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 9, 7 pm.

Parks and recreation officials will need to look at the calendar to determine when the work can be done without disrupting the rental or other schedules.

"Our slowest times are January and February," she said.


Kidder said the scout cabin is one of the most popular buildings in the park.

Kidder said it is believed the building was built using allvolunteer labor.

Over the years, the scout cabin has needed repair and updating.

"It’s had issues, but has it served its purpose? Absolutely. It serves the community very well," she said.

"We’ve put on a new roof, new floor, new furnace, but these are the things you would expect would need to be done, just like a house.

"We’re going to fix what is a safety issue, then look at new windows and insulation," she said.


At one time, the park board had plans to replace the scout cabin, but shelved the plans because of cost.

"We are looking at well under $10,000 to repair (the floor). Putting up a new building would cost $250,000 to $300,000, with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements and prevailing wages," she said.

The park board is not in a fi- nancial situation where it can spend that kind of money, she said.

"Had it been sitting in the park, not used, then yes, it would come down.

"But the seniors use it every week, the scouts use it. It’s one of our most popular rental buildings. It would be unreasonable to say we’re just going to throw it away," she said.

"It’s not been a major headache. It’s nothing above and beyond what the average homeowner has to put up with," she said.

"That building has a lot of history. A lot of people are attached to it."

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