Archbold, OH

Rufenacht Spends $11,000 To Win Commissioner Race

William “Bill” Rufenacht, Archbold, spent more than $11,000 in his successful campaign to win the Republican primary race for county commissioner in the March 6 election.

He spent $4,490.77 more than incumbent Dean Genter, who spent more than $6,700.

The information was revealed in campaign finance documents, filed with the Fulton County Board of Elections.

Since no Democrat filed to compete in the primary, Rufenacht will not face Democratic opposition in the fall general election, Tuesday, Nov. 6. He could face an unaffi liated write-in candidate.

Contributions, Rufenacht

The Rufenacht for Commissioner Campaign Committee, Harold Sauber, treasurer, filed its final report on April 11, two days before it was due at the Board of Elections office.

Total contributions received were $9,255, plus a loan of $2,000, giving the campaign $11,255 to spend. Total expenditures were $11,255.

Rufenacht contributed $5,200 to his own campaign, in checks of $3,000, $2,000, and $200.

He also loaned his campaign $2,000. The campaign repaid him $1,566.96. He forgave, or decided not to collect, the balance of $433.04.

Other contributors:

$300: Maynard Sauder, Archbold.

$250: Dean Miller, Naples, Fla.; Glenn Badenhop, Archbold.

$200: Mike Childs, Archbold.

$100: Richard Riegsecker, Susan Downey, Lynn Aschliman, Mark Hagans, Ed Leininger, George Stotzer, Gene Rupp, Kevin Morton, Timothy Smith (Quail Run), Archbold;

Robin Rayfield, Delta; Roger Truckor, Kevin Thornton, Swanton; Bill Drummer, Denise Drummer, Wauseon Machine & Manufacturing, Larry Restivo, Wauseon.

$75: Whalen Realty Company, Wauseon.

$50: Joe E. Crossgrove, Charles Lugbill, Carol M. Rupp, Mike Pressler, Dave Walker, Dick Selgo, Dale Pape, Steve Pape, Dennis Howell, Kay Badenhop, Archbold;

John Langenderfer, Lyons; John Gleckler, Metamora; Michael Kennedy, Stryker; Brian Dorosz, Wauseon; Tom Zimmerman, Swanton.

$35: Marv Miller, Archbold.

$25: Roger Roth, Doug Rupp, Charles Forward, Anna Rose Beck, Steven Rettig, Tony Rupp, Archbold Physical Therapy, Jack Graf, John Wilson, Max Yoder, Jack Spotts, Barb Short, Thomas Vershum, Marc Fruth, Karleen Holland, Phillip Bontrager, Cheryle Grime, Michael Sullivan, Archbold;

Cathy Rowe, Delta; Gloria McQuade, Swanton; Matt Hutchinson, Gene Bridges, Andy Roth, Wauseon.

$20: Tom Zimmerman, Swanton.

The Rufenacht campaign also received in-kind contributions valued at $193.60. Rufenacht covered the $80 filing fee; paid $5 each for two voters lists on compact disc; paid another $1.80 for a voters list, with a note, “the last 36 pages”; and paid another $1.80 for a “walking list.”

Elizabeth Leupp, Archbold, contributed $100 in postage and stationary.

Expenditures, Rufenacht

Expenditures for the Rufenacht campaign:

Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon, brochure holders, $21.40; signs and printing,

$1,917.32; post cards, $900.46.

RTEC Communications, Ridgeville Corners, TV advertising, $30;

Concept Printing, Wauseon, printing $156.22;

Logo This, Archbold, caps and T-shirts, $500.76;

Evergreen Community News, Holland, advertising, $56;

IM Screen Printing, Wauseon, signs, $1,857.77;

Steward Wyse, Archbold, sign holders, $300;

NOBOC, Inc., Archbold, radio advertising, $1,374;

WMTR Radio, Archbold, advertising, $154;

Fulton County Expositor, Wauseon, newspaper advertising, $778.60;

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Wauseon, check charges, $12.

The Key Shopper, Swanton, advertising, $144;

U.S. Postmaster, Wauseon, mailing, $1,023.01;

Archbold Buckeye, Archbold, advertising, $462.50.

Contributions, Genter

The Genter for Commissioner campaign committee, Kathleen S. Genter, treasurer, filed its final report on April 4.

The report shows Genter financed most of his own campaign, with checks of $3,000, $1,500, $500, $375, and $5 in cash, for a total of $5,380.

There were two other contributors. Frank J. Roach, Bowling Green, and Samuel V. Witt, rural Swanton, each contributed $600.

The campaign also benefited from a $200 new account promotion at Huntington Bank.

Total contributions were $6,780.

Expeditures, Genter

The Genter for Commissioner campaign spent $6,764.23, leaving a balance of $15.77 cash on hand.


WMTR-FM, Archbold, radio advertising, $1,001;

Northwest Screen Print, LLC, Archbold, t-shirts, $225.50;

Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon, handouts/flyers, mailers, $1,842.76;

U.S. Postmaster, Wauseon, postage for mailers, $1,606.78;

Huntington Bank, check charges, service fees, $17.95;

Fulton County Expositor, advertising, inserts, $823.24;

The Delta Atlas, Delta, advertising, $108;

Archbold Buckeye, advertising, $1,134;

Fulton County Board of Elections, voters list on compact disc, $5.

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