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Rover Pipeline Paid Archbold, Pettisville Schools More Than $1 Million In Taxes

The operators for the Rover underground natural gas pipeline have paid $692,256.29 in taxes to the Archbold School District and $495,543.49 to the Pettisville School District.

That information, which covers Fulton County, is from Brett Kolb, county auditor.

To compute the tax, the value of the pipeline in the school district is evaluated.

Information provided by Kolb shows the assessed value of the pipeline in the Archbold School District is about $15.8 million.

For Pettisville schools, the value is approximately $8.7 million.

Then the tax rate, expressed in mills, is multiplied by the assessed value of the pipeline. A mill is one one-thousandth, or $1, in tax per $1,000 in assessed valuation.

Archbold currently has 10 property tax levies, from as low as eight-tenths (.8) mill for a 2000 bond issue to 18.9 mills for a current expense levy passed in 1976.

Together, those levies total 43.83 mills.

When the millage of the 2000 levy is applied to the $15.8 million in valuation, the revenue Kolb expects to generate for the schools is $12,634.30.

When 18.9 mills of the 1976 current expense levy is multiplied by the same $15.8 million, Kolb anticipates the levy will generate $298,508.87.

With a total millage of 43.83 mills applied to the assessed value of the pipeline in the Archbold School District, the total comes to $692,256.28 for 2018.


The same math is applied to Pettisville or any other government entity.

Pettisville has nine tax levies on the books.

The smallest is one-half (.5) mill for a permanent improvement levy that was passed in 2008. When the value of the pipeline in the district is applied, Rover paid $4,339.26 for that particular levy.

The largest property tax levy in the Pettisville district is 25.8 mills for a 1976 current expense levy.

Applied to the roughly $8.7 million assessed value of the pipeline, the Rover tax bill was $233,905.82.

The total tax rate in the Pettisville district is 57.1 mills. When that total millage is applied to the total assessed value, the Rover tax bill was $495,543.49.


All told, the total Rover tax bill for Fulton County for Tax Year 2018 is $3,258,749.28.

Sixteen governmental entities and schools were in line for some of the property taxes paid by Rover.

The Wauseon Public Library had some of the pipeline in its area. The assessed value of that portion of the pipeline was $469,000.

With a total tax rate of 1.15 mills, Rover paid $539 in taxes for the library, the smallest amount paid by the company to any county public entity.

By contrast, the Archbold library had roughly the same $15.8 million Archbold Schools had. With a 1.2-mill tax rate, the library is in line for $18,952.94.

In terms of dollars, Archbold schools, at more than $692,000, is the largest beneficiary of Fulton County property taxes paid by Rover.–corrected 3:13 pm 3.26.19

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