Archbold, OH

Road Salt No Problem; Plenty More Available

Keeping an adequate supply of ice-melting salt on hand isn’t a problem for those responsible in keeping streets and highways clear.

The Village of Archbold, German Township, the Fulton County Highway Garage, and the Ohio Department of Transportation garage in Wauseon all say they have enough salt to last the winter, or can get more if needed.

“We’re in good shape. It’s nothing I’m worried about,” said Skip Leupp, German Township trustee, who said the township salt provider told them they could by as much as they need.


Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the village has about 200 tons of salt in stock. So far, the Archbold street department has put down 350 tons.

“I doubt 200 tons will last the winter. We will replenish our stock as soon as we get enough room in the bin for the minimum order. We can order at least another 450 tons,” Howell said.

Randy Merillat, superintendent of the Fulton County highway garage, said Fulton County is in good shape.

The county salt barn is nearly full, and they can buy up to 1,000 additional tons on the current contract.


Rich Shatzer, transportation administrator at the county ODOT garage, said his workers have cut back on salt use by mixing salt with a fine stone, called grit.

It’s a new strategy to reduce the amount of salt used per mile.

Rich said now, they have 1,170 tons, and more is available.

“We’ll probably purchase another 800 tons,” he said.

Last year, the price of road salt shot up, but this year it’s back in line.

“It’s gone up from two years ago, but it’s less than it was a year ago,” he said.

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