Archbold, OH

Road Cracks Necessitate Downtown Street Work

Cracks opening in downtown pavement resulted in days and nights of road closings and detours.

The pavement, completed with the embossed brick pattern, was all part of a $2 million plus renovation of downtown in 2005.

Bob Seaman, Archbold village engineer, said cracks began opening in the pavement at the intersections of North Defiance and Stryker streets, and North Defiance and Holland streets. Intersections, Seaman said, are the first of any new pavements to show wear because of the turning movements of traffic, particularly semi trucks.

“We were watching it and thought we could go two years, but we started to see some cracks,” he said.

Cracks cause problems because they allow water to seep into the pavement. When the moisture freezes and thaws, it creates a pothole.

Also, water that seeps under the pavement can wash away the road base, also creating a hole.

“Water is not good for pavement,” Seaman said.

No Crack Seal

Seaman said initially, village workers thought they could seal the cracks with the conventional thick liquid crack sealer.

But Gerken Paving, which paved and applied the pattern to the street, said the crack sealer would cause problems with the color coating at the intersections.

It was decided to repair the cracks by cutting out the cracked pavement, replacing it with fresh asphalt, then embossing the pattern again.

It also was decided to apply a new color coating to the intersection and crosswalks, Seaman said.


The village hired Gerken Paving, which is licensed in asphalt imprinting, at a cost of $32,525.

Because the cost was under $50,000, competitive bidding was not needed, Seaman said.

Work started late in the afternoon of Monday, July 21 and was finished the following Thursday. While most of the work was done during nighttime hours, intersections had to be closed during the daytime to allow the coating to dry.

However, on Wednesday, July 23, a semi driver drove around the detour signs and found himself traveling north on North Defiance Street at the Stryker Street intersection, which was closed to allow the color coating to dry.

The driver moved the barricades and continued on his way. Tire tracks were clearly visible.

Seaman was at the intersection shortly after the incident; he said the color coating will show tire marks. He said the coating was not damaged.

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