Archbold, OH

Road Construction: Temporary Pain, Long-Term Transportation Gain

It is said that in Ohio, there are two seasons: winter, and road construction.

Road construction can be aggravating and frustrating. Detours impose inconveniences. Doesn’t it seem like flaggers pick the absolute worst time to stop traffic to allow vehicles from the other direction to pass?

Road construction is a dirty, dusty business that seems to take forever.

But before wishing away road crews, stop and remember, there is much to be grateful for.

First, road construction means state or local government has enough money in the bank to build and repair roads. It’s an indicator that citizens can afford to pay taxes.

That means workers are getting paychecks and are most likely spending their money, stimulating the economy.

Repairing and upgrading infrastructure allows businesses to quickly and efficiently move goods– also good for the economy.

New smooth streets also boost the value of property.

When you are waiting on the traffi c controller, appreciate the repair crew toiling under the hot sun while you sit in an air-conditioned vehicle and think about how much nicer the road will be.

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