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Ridgeville Park Board Holds First Function

The Ridgeville Township Park Board will hold its first event, an ice cream party fundraiser, at the proposed park site Sunday, Oct. 14.

Jayma Gobrogge, park board member, said details for the program haven’t been worked out, but a local woman won a party from an ice cream manufacturer, so that will be the source of the ice cream.

Citizens proposed the establishment of a park on property adjacent to the Christ Community Church on Co. Rd. X in Ridgeville.

Christ Community Church has agreed to donate the property, which was the baseball field when the building was the Ridgeville High School.

The Ridgeville Township Trustees have appointed a park board, and in a special Aug. 17 meeting, voted to put the question of whether or not to establish a Ridgeville Township Park on the November ballot.

The ballot measure does not seek any tax funding for the park; it only asks Ridgeville Township voters whether a park should be established.

Funds currently being raised by the board are for the campaign to promote the park to to township residents. Eileen Stough, Ridgeville, is campaign treasurer.

Gobrogge said the park board isn’t sure how the funds will be spent.

“We want to put a flyer inside the Ridgeville community newsletter. They don’t charge, but they do appreciate a donation, because it costs a lot to put it out,” she said.

The group also plans to print signs, and do some newspaper advertising.

Plans for the park also are in the works. Gobrogge said a sketch is being made of how the park will be laid out, but no firm plans are set.

She said, the park board can’t begin fund-raising for improvements to the park until Ridgeville Township voters approve its establishment.

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