Archbold, OH

Revive Concert Series?

Whether it’s Austin To Archbold or under some other form, there appears to be a possibility that the concert series created by Max Nofziger could continue.

Nofziger is a resident of both Austin, Texas, and the Archbold area.

A supporter of live music in Austin, Nofziger first proposed bringing musicians from the Austin area to Archbold in 2016.

With support from Archbold Village Council and Park Board, the Austin-To- Archbold (A2A) concert series was created.

There were several Austin- To-Archbold shows in 2017 and 2018.

Jennifer Kidder, director of Archbold Parks & Recreation, discussed concerns and potential changes in the program with council at its Monday, Jan. 21 meeting.

When contacted by this newspaper and told of the concerns, Nofziger said A2A wouldn’t have to happen, and resigned from the Archbold Music Commission.

Park Board

At the Wednesday, Jan. 23 meeting of Archbold Park Board, board members went over the situation.

Kevin Morton, councilman and Park Board member, said he still hoped there could be some conversation between the board and Nofziger.

Vaughn Bentz, also a member of council and Park Board, said he would like to see the program continue.

Kidder said, “In no way, shape, or form was it ever indicated we didn’t want to do it (the music series) anymore.

“We wanted to grow it, with less (shows) but more advertisements,” Bentz said.

“We were looking for ways to make it bigger and better. I don’t know, maybe that was portrayed to him (Nofziger) in the conversation you (this newspaper) had with him. I find it hard to believe that it was from the email that I received,” Kidder said.

“Maybe we can get Max believing again our intent was to grow it,” Bentz said.


Contacted Monday, Nofziger said, “I had thought that it’s really too bad that A2A is ending, and you know, if the Archbold Area Foundation is still interested in doing something and supporting it because they had in the past two years, I had thought, well, maybe I’ll contact them and see if they’re interested in putting in a couple of thousand bucks as they had in the past.

“That would enable us to apply to the Ohio Arts Council for a grant again, and that way, we might be able to do some minimal programming that would at least keep it going in a diminished kind of way.

“Instead of having eight shows, which was a lot, maybe having two or three, and maintaining the continuity, if that’s of value,” he said.

Nofziger and Kidder confirmed that Kidder had sent an email message to Nofziger, and Nofziger had not responded.

“I’m going to send her something about we just need to be able to communicate better,” Nofziger said.

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