Archbold, OH

Return The National Colors To Downtown

We miss flags flying on the downtown historic district light poles, especially during holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

At one time brackets on light poles held the national colors on patriotic holidays. Each pole displayed not one, but two American flags.

The bright colors of Old Glory flying in a summer breeze are a sight to inspire the soul, and give visual excitement to the community. Whether they were a tribute to men and women who served in the armed forces or celebrating American independence, they brought special cheer to the community.

When the downtown was redesigned in 2005, the old light poles were removed and new, decorative poles installed. But they did not include the necessary flag mountings, and for seven years the national colors have been missing.

Archbold has worked hard to find places to display the Stars and Stripes. The village has invested time and money to erect and maintain a flagpole in the green space in the 100 block of North Defiance Street. It flies our flag high above downtown.

Isn’t it our patriotic duty to bring back the flags to our downtown light poles? Isn’t it worth the effort?

Isn’t it our duty?

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