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Retail Merchants Heart Of Community

The heart of every community is its downtown. It’s the place where citizens congregate for a cup of coffee at a restaurant, to shop or pick up something at a retail store, or drop in to see something displayed in a window.

Across America, downtowns are struggling to stay alive. Hometown merchants are being pulled under in an economic vortex created by competition from big box stores, catalogs, and the Internet; increased charges for goods and shipping; rising labor costs; and skyrocketing fuel and energy bills. Just about everything costs merchants more.

In addition to economic pressures, hometown merchants are asked for donations by clubs, school projects, church programs, and dozens of good causes.

Hardworking local merchants are always behind the counter or on the floor from open to close, six or seven days a week. Archbold has a long tradition of good, trustworthy merchants, from those who have been in business for decades to those launching new enterprises.

Archbold businessmen and women deserve our support. They return much more to our community than mere dollars.

Support them.

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