Archbold, OH

Resolve Issues Between Archbold Teachers, Administrators, School Board

What’s going on in our Archbold school system?

There is tension between members of the school board, board administrators, and Archbold Education Association, which represents district teachers.

More than 70 teachers and coaches attended the Monday, Oct. 20 meeting of the Archbold school board, the first time in memory that happened. The only public comment was on behalf of the coaches, requesting a new procedure to rehire coaches in the wake of the nonrenewal of Kevin “Scoop” Miller’s coaching contracts.

The decision not to renew Miller’s girls basketball coaching contract brought a howl of protest; is that what’s causing the rift?

Or is it something else? Perhaps bad feelings are still simmering from last year’s difficult teacher contract negotiations? Is there some new problem brewing that has not become public knowledge?

Whatever the problem, the answer is to talk it out. The AEA leadership and school board must sit down, explain their concerns, and hammer out a solution. Turmoil and seething discontent help no one.

Everyone needs to refocus efforts on the district’s top priority, which is to provide the best education possible to youngsters.

Antagonism and animosity sends the wrong message to school district voters, parents, and children.

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