Archbold, OH

Reports Car Stereo Taken

Natalie Maria Vazquez, 52, 206 Stryker St., told Archbold police the car stereo was stolen from her sport-utility vehicle sometime between midnight, Monday, June 5, and 1:07 pm the following day.

The vehicle was parked inside a garage at her residence. The SUV and the garage were unlocked.

The car stereo, with a DVD player, was removed from the dash. It has a value of $133.09. The driver side door of the vehicle was scratched; damage was estimated at $80.

The police report states a note was found where the stereo unit had been. The note was taken into evidence.

Police are investigating.

In an unrelated case, an officer discovered a car that had two tires slashed, Thursday, June 8.

The report states the offi- cer was on patrol and discovered the car, illegally parked in front of the residence of the owner, Adrienna M. Young, 19, 245 Westfield Dr.

When the officer looked closely at the vehicle, he discovered the damage to the tires.

Young was given a verbal warning for parking a car facing the wrong direction.

The case is closed pending further investigation.

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