Archbold, OH

Repairing The Damage Locally… But What About The Nation?

Division: the condition or instance of being divided in opinion or interest: disagreement, disunity (Merriam Webster dictionary).

Whatever name you want to put to it– division, disagreement, or disunity– we know about it.

For years, there has been a battle between the village of Archbold and German Township over the fate of Co. Rd. 24 and its spin-offs– the issue of separation, and the fate of the Archbold-German Township Fire Department.

The last year or so has involved haggling over control of the fire department– who wanted to take it over, who wanted to keep its share. Agreements were reached, then crumbled under the massive weight of two positions that could not be compromised.

Now it appears the worst is over, and new faces, including two new township trustees and two new council members, are working toward agreement. Some positions that were previously immovable have been moved.

We’ve known such division before… the debate over the Tiffin River, the construction of the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

We can only hope that those whose feelings were hurt or pride was bruised can heal and forgive, so we can move forward.

Nationally, we’ve lived with division between political parties and philosophies for decades. Throughout American history, there has been at least some form of division in the country. The worst example was during the years of the Civil War, 1861-1865, when Americans took up arms against one another.

For the last few decades, there has been division that basically boils down to conservative vs. liberal.

Let us hope in 2018 the nation can follow Archbold’s lead. Do what it takes to get past the division, and begin to heal and forgive.

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