Archbold, OH

Renovation Of Spengler Field Valued At $15,000

Rotary, Others Volunteer Time; Businesses Provide Free Or Discounted Services

Using volunteer labor and donated or discounted equipment, services, and materials, the Archbold Rotary Club was able to renovate Spengler Field and save the Archbold Area School District $5,274.02.

Artie Short, Rotary president, said the total cost of the project was about $15,000, which includes labor provided by Rotarians and others,

He said the $15,000 figure is actually conservative, because in computing the figures Rotary used a discounted rate for its own labor, because many rotary members lack the same expertise as skilled laborers.

The Archbold Area School District spent $9,725.98 on the project, which means the district got $15,000 worth of value, a savings of about 35%.

“I think that’s providing a pretty good service,” he said.

Short said Rotarians spent about 500 hours working at Spengler Field, and there were another 125 hours of donated labor.

As examples of donations, Short said a local construction company provided an excavating machine at no cost and a skilled heavy equipment operator volunteered his time.

Another company used its own dump trucks to deliver dirt to the site to fill in where overgrown bushes were removed.

“What would it cost to rent (the machine) for 12 or 14 hours? What’s the union wage for a dump truck driver to deliver stuff?” he asked.

Rotarians did rent some equipment, but Short said he was sure the rental company didn’t charge the full rate.

Another company was hired to paint the fence, but Short said the price was so low he was sure the contractor was donating a share of the total cost.


Is the project finished?

“Finished is too strong a word,” Short said.

When Rotary took on the Spengler Field project, “we wanted something ongoing.

“The first year, hopefully the most in-depth and intense work is done. We plan one more fall cleanup day to get the leaves and things out of there.

“The goal is, each year there shouldn’t be anything as extensive.”

There will be ongoing maintenance, such as replacing boards on the bleachers and the like, “but it will be a Rotary-funded project, not a school-funded project,” he said.

He said the school district still is responsible for mowing the grass.

Hopefully, he said, maintaining Spengler Field will be a minimal cost to the school district.


The Spengler Field project was a benefit to the school, the community, and Rotary itself, Short said.

“I believe it made the club stronger.”

There were 52 Rotarians “who did some work on the project. It allowed us to interact in a different setting than a Friday lunch.

“It gave us a chance to see Rotarians in a different light.

“It was fun to see people, who normally run businesses, who would normally be seen in a suit and tie, come out in a t-shirt and shorts, running a chain saw or tools they might not normally be associated with,” he said.- David Pugh

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