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Remember The Troops



Young Americans– members of our armed forces– serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, as they have for many years.

Every day they live with danger, from a sniper’s bullet, a suicide bomber, or a roadside bomb, while in Washington, the two political sides debate the future of soldiers in those foreign lands.

In the debates what tends to be forgotten is that the soldiers– Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard members– are people. They are someone’s son or daughter, husband, wife, father, mother. They are taken from their loved ones and sent far away.

“Support Our Troops” is an empty phrase unless it’s followed by action. There are many things American citizens can do in their honor:

•Fly the flag. Let your friends and neighbors know you haven’t forgotten the volunteers serving overseas.

•Thank every veteran for his service. Such a gesture is never wasted.

•If you know someone serving in the armed forces, write a note or send a gift package from home. There are lists of what can and can’t be sent through the mail on the Internet at websites like or www.opgratitude. com, or ask one of the soldier’s relatives what he might like to receive. If you don’t know a soldier, the websites can help.

•Most important: take a moment to pray for their safety.

Never let them down.

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