Archbold, OH

Remember The Rules: Stop For School Buses

School bells are ringing again, and Archbold and Pettisville youngsters have heeded the call and are back in the classroom.

Many of our boys and girls ride school buses. The big yellow vehicles are out and about, picking up and dropping off students morning and afternoon and transporting children at other times of the day.

For drivers who don’t regularly encounter school buses, it’s possible to forget the special responsibilities when approaching a bus.

Here’s a quick refresher: when a school bus stops, with red lights flashing and stop sign extended, drivers approaching the vehicle from either direction must stop.

A regular review of court records turn up too many cases where drivers have let this law slip their minds, and it has cost them, in terms of money and points against their driver license.

There’s a reason for the law. After getting off the bus, children sometimes must cross the road to get home. A careless or forgetful driver can create a serious tragedy.

It has happened in the recent past, and it has cost children their lives.

Remember, buses carry precious cargo. Use caution when they’re around.

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