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Regulate Signs

More and more temporary signs are popping up all over town. It’s not attractive to visitors and gives a low impression of the community.

It doesn’t take much to tarnish the natural beauty of Archbold. The entire village can become tacky-looking and appear like a year-around garage sale.

Signs can be good, but they are not everlasting business builders. Customer confidence takes years to build and comes from within, with impeccable customer service.

While some businessmen see signs as silent salesmen, others see them as eyesores that detract from the attractiveness of our historic downtown and other business districts and residential areas.

Signs placed in the center of sidewalks are hazardous and intrusive to visitors. Signs placed in a public right-of-way, near intersections on public property, dangerously block a motorist’s view.

A merchant that maintains a nice appearance to his business place is greatly disappointed when an adjoining property owner displays an intrusive, garish sign. Restaurants would do well to display menus in attractive glass frames at the entranceway, possibly lighted for night-time. Entranceways are a perfect place for a freestanding sign or attach one to the building.

The village has a sign ordinance. It dictates specific rules, placements, and time restraints. Are the rules being followed?

Who is responsible for enforcing the sign laws? Waiting for someone to complain isn’t part of the law.

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