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Recession Bottoms?

No one is ready to jump into a chorus line and start singing “Happy Days are Here Again,” but there are some here-and-there signs the economy is beginning to improve.

The most recent encouraging news concerns Sanoh, the American arm of a Japanese business. The company has started production in the former ITT Automotive-Cooper Standard building here in Archbold. And the good news is it will hire 19 additional workers.

The recent Ohio unemployment report shows the number of unemployed workers is too high, but it’s trending downward.

Of course, a few pieces of good news cannot possibly offset the landslide of bad that tumbled down on us during 2009. But it’s a start.

That doesn’t mean much to persons without jobs. They continue to struggle to make ends meet. It will take time to repair the damage of this recession.

Good economic news here at home provides hope. And isn’t hope wonderful?

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