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Reap The Wind

It’s a good plan for the Archbold Area School Board to proceed with building a money-saving wind turbine, even if it means borrowing about $400,000.

Normally, given the uncertain economic times and the tight school budget situation, it would not be wise to incur more debt.

However, the wind turbine is worth the investment for several reasons:

•Once operational, the wind turbine will save the school district about $50,000 per year in electricity costs. Money normally spent on the electric bill will be used to repay the debt.

•The district has already secured more than two-thirds of the $1.5 million cost of the wind turbine in the form of grant funding. However, $750,000 of almost $1.1 million of grant money has a one-year time limit. The board needs to move quickly.

•The turbine will become part of the school district’s educational program. Subjects ranging from meteorology and earth science to mathematics and electronics can make use of the turbine as a teaching aide.

•The turbine will cement Archbold’s place as a leader among Ohio school districts, along with Pettisville Local Schools and Northwest State Community College.

School district officials and the wind team have done their homework, which pleases everyone. It’s time to move forward and produce electricity.

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