Archbold, OH

Reading To Children Is Important

Archbold Elementary School has been celebrating Right To Read Week, an event that encourages and promotes reading among youngsters.

School principals all across the nation have come up with creative stunts to entice youngsters to read, from kissing animals to eating worms. Tomorrow, Thursday, the elementary school staff will play volleyball against the Archbold High School girls team- all in the name of promoting reading.

Reading is the most important skill for children to master, because it is the key that unlocks many other worlds. There can be no education without the ability to read.

The much-touted Internet is useless without the ability to read.

Reading must be more than just a subject taught in school. Parents must encourage reading in the home by making books, magazines, and newspapers available to youngsters, setting aside time for reading, and reading to their children.

Reading can transport the reader to faraway lands and other worlds. It educates and informs on events big and small, critical and whimsical.

Democracy will work only with an informed electorate. Reading is the best way to get the information a voter needs. When reading ends, so ends democracy, and every single freedom you enjoy.

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