Archbold, OH

Radiothon Could Pass $1 Million Mark

The 2020 Fulton County Heart Radiothon could mark a major milestone for the event, which raises funds for heart-related issues in Fulton County.

Ron Murd, Radiothon board member, said the Radiothon could pass the $1 million-mark in total donations since the event started 46 years ago.

“I think we’re at $980,000 now. Our goal (for 2020) is $24,000, so we should hit it,” Murd said.

“We’ll hit a million dollars raised for Fulton County, and all of that has stayed in Fulton County. There’s no overhead, no salaries, so that’s pretty good.”

During the Radiothon, broadcast over Archbold station WMTR-96.1 FM, requested music is played for donations. It runs from 6 am- 6 pm, tomorrow, Thursday.


Over the years, Automatic External Defibrillators, or AEDs, have been purchased from the money raised for public spaces in Fulton County.

An AED can be used by people with minimal training to provide a life-saving electrical shock to someone whose heart has stopped beating regularly.

Murd said 145 AEDs are spread throughout the county, including police cars, schools, and churches.

Murd said the life expectancy of an AED is about 10 years.

“The first ones we bought were in 2000 or 2001. Those have been replaced,” he said. Others will be replaced as they reach the end of their useful lives.

Murd also regularly replaces the batteries in the AEDs and the electrically conductive adhesive pads included with each.

The pads are applied to a cardiac arrest victim’s torso. It is through the pads that the electrical current passes.

The batteries and pads must be replaced on a regular schedule.

Murd said there are three requests for AEDs this year: from Crossroads Church in Wauseon, the Shalom Counseling & Mediation Center in Archbold, and the Shalom facility in Stryker.

Murd said the Radiothon board declined to provide a unit for Stryker, following the policy that money raised by the event be spent in Fulton County.

The population of Fulton County was estimated at more than 42,000 in 2017. Murd said 145 AEDS “for a county of our size is really, really good.

“A lot of bigger cities will have more, but they have millions of people. Fulton County has a pretty good ratio of AEDs for the population.”


The $24,000 goal has not changed over at least the last three years.

Money to purchase AEDs is the largest planned expenditure, at $5,000, followed by another $4,000 for the purchase of replacement batteries and pads.

A total of $4,300 has been earmarked for the purchase of heart-related equipment for the county Emergency Medical Services squads; $3,000 for Teen Tickers, a cholesterol screening program operated by Fulton County Health Center for Fulton County high school freshmen and seniors; $3,000 is for screening for citizens; and $500 for cholesterol screenings.

The board allocated $2,500 for promotional supplies for the Radiothon.

A total of $1,200 is planned for FCHC for the purchase of heart-related equipment; $200 for cardiopulmonary resuscitation manuals; and $250 each for Fairlawn Haven and Fulton Manor care facilities for the purchase of heart-related equipment.