Archbold, OH

Radiothon 2011 Goal: $27,800

The Fulton County Heart Radiothon has budgeted $7,000 for “Mini-Annies,” the inflatable cardiopulmonary resuscitation mannequins that can teach CPR at home.

The $7,000 amount is roughly a quarter of the fund-raiser’s 2011 goal of $27,800.

The Radiothon is broadcast on WMTR, 96.1-FM, beginning at 6 am, Thursday, Feb. 10.

Archbold, Evergreen, and Wauseon students have already used the blow-up mannequins to learn CPR and to teach others who have not received CPR training.

Rod Cheney, a paramedic, Fulton County emergency medical service director, and CPR training advocate, said the inflatable mannequins reach an audience who might not otherwise learn CPR.

Another $7,000 allocation is for the Fulton County Health Center Teen Tickers program, which uses blood screenings of high school freshmen and seniors to monitor heart health.

The test kit used for Teen Tickers requires a very small amount of blood, obtained by pricking a fingertip.

Another $4,600 is set aside for community blood screening. The Radiothon board has allocated $3,200 to purchase replacement batteries for some of the 96 automatic external heart defibrillators throughout the county.

The machines, designed to be operated by individuals with minimal training, can provide a life-saving jolt of electricity to persons whose hearts have stopped their natural rhythm.

Fulton County EMS units will benefit, as $2,800 goes to purchase heart-related equipment.

FCHC also will receive $1,700 from the Radiothon, of which $1,000 will go for fitness program equipment, $500 for cardiac rehabilitation educational materials, and $200 for CPR training manuals.

The Radiothon has set aside $1,000 for promotion supplies, while Fairlawn Haven and Fulton Manor will receive $250 to purchase heart-related equipment.

In 2010, the Radiothon raised $35,869.47, topping that year’s goal of $33,850 by about 6%.

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