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Questions: The Scoop Crisis

After the Archbold Area School Board decided not to offer Kevin “Scoop” Miller a supplemental contract to coach varsity girls basketball, the topic became the talk of the town.

And thus, we are again back on the balance beam: which is more important, Miller’s privacy or the public’s right to know?

The board action raises all kinds of questions. Why turn out a veteran coach with a good record? The board’s answer that it “wants to go a different direction” isn’t satisfying public curiosity.

The board is trying to protect Miller’s privacy, and avoid a libel suit, by not revealing what it believes are confidential personnel issues.

A contributing factor is that in our town, like many others, high school athletes and their coaches are equivalent in popularity to rock stars. Hundreds of fans want to know what they do each week, inside and outside of competition.

The public wants to know more than they’ve been told, and we would hope the board could find a way to tell us more without violating Miller’s rights.

Rumors are rampant. To those perpetuating them, we say if Miller had done something extremely wrong, would the school’s three administrators have recommended him for the position?

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