Archbold, OH

Questions About School Finance Plan

Two school districts, less than 10 miles apart. One is in line for a 25% increase in state school funding for Fiscal Year 2014, 7% for FY2015.

The other gets no increase for the same two years.

We’re talking, of course, about the Archbold and Pettisville school districts and the state funding plan John Kasich, Ohio governor, has proposed.

When Kasich first announced his plan, it was simple. A poor school district would get more state money. Richer districts will get less of an increase. No district would get less than it did last year.

But when the actual numbers were released, it looked different. Large increases were proposed for some relatively rich school districts, while districts with fewer resources are scheduled to receive nothing extra for two years.

The proposed plan must pass through a months-long legislative process. Between now and July 1, the numbers will change a dozen or more times, hopefully in a more equitable way.

But even so, there are questions Kasich must answer, such as how the figures released could be so different from his original statements.

It will be interesting to hear his answers.

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