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Questions About Rd. 24

It is proposed that Co. Rd. 24 become a truck bypass for the Village of Archbold, or possibly converted into St. Rt. 66.

The idea is not new. Government officials have looked at routing traffi c along the rural road for years.

Co. Rd. 24 provides a link between the Ohio Turnpike interchange and the west side of Archbold, including ConAgra and the Archbold Industrial Park. It could be extended farther, but Defiance County Commissioners blocked the use of Domersville Road because it passes two school buildings.

In the past, German Township Trustees were against increased use of Co. Rd. 24, because of higher maintenance costs.

At a trustee meeting, farmers were concerned about the safety of their slow equipment sharing a busy road with fast traffic on Co. Rd. 24.

Now there’s a new motivation to use the county road. Elected officials want to get the heavy trucks out of the Archbold historic downtown district, where their 53-foot trailers have trouble negotiating the South Defiance Street (St. Rt. 66)- Stryker Street (St. Rt. 2) intersection.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, believes it’s a safety issue. He’s concerned about trucks cutting the corner and injuring pedestrians.

The trustees are no longer opposed, because they see the state of Ohio or others paying for maintenance.

But what about the agricultural community? Are they still concerned about the loss of a rural road?

Would it be cheaper to tear down a building or two to widen the intersection?

If area farmers are concerned, isn’t it wise to speak out now, not later?

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