Archbold, OH

Quake Wakes Mayor, But Not From Shaking

The earthquake that rattled windows and shook beds from Nebraska to Ohio, Friday, April 18, wasn’t felt by many in Archbold.

It did awaken Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor.

Wyse wasn’t awakened by the earth moving; instead, it was a phone call from daughter Ashley, a senior at Miami University in Oxford, northwest of Cincinnati.

Wyse said the telephone rang at his home at 5:50 am.

“I can still see the clock in my mind’s eye. I was fearful that something was wrong with my parents,” he said.

Wyse said he and his wife Janet, who was already awake to go to her long-term substitute teaching job in Swanton, answered simultaneously.

Ashley said she and her roommate felt their house shaking, and didn’t know why.

Wyse said the first thing he thought about was the furnace, “but they said they’d already checked that.

“Then we asked if there was an earthquake, and they said they didn’t know. We asked if there was a television on, and they said yes.

“Then there was a breaking news banner at the bottom of the screen, saying there had been an earthquake. They started laughing, because they realized there was nothing to panic about,” he said.

Press reports say the 5.2- magnitude earthquake was centered near West Salem, Ill., in the southeastern part of the state. Little damage and no injuries reported. Several aftershocks have been felt.


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