Archbold, OH

Puzzling Leak Persists At Pool

A persistent leak somewhere in the Archbold swimming pool, or its associated filters and piping, is still causing problems for the Archbold Park Board.

In the fall, the board had the joint between the walls and the floor of the pool recaulked, at a cost of about $3,400. It didn’t fix the problem, but the work needed to be done as preventative maintenance.

Then, a special video camera was snaked through some drain lines underneath the pool. Dennis Howell, Archbold, village administrator, said technicians thought they spotted a crack in a drain line underneath the pool’s deep end. When the line was exposed, there was no crack.

“It was very deceptive,” Howell said.

There was a leak in a water return line, which was under the concrete deck. It was repaired, but wasn’t big enough to account for all of the water loss.

During the Wednesday, Jan. 11, park board meeting, Kidder said park officials are working on a new way to try to find the problem.

The swimming pool and a clear well in the filtration building are now isolated from one another, and are filled with water.

The two will be watched. The one that drains first is the problem.

Howell said if the problem is in the clear well, village workers can repair it.

Festival Costs Down

As a result of three new timers purchased for the village by Sauder Woodworking, plus the conversion from traditional incandescent lights to new light-emitting diodes, the cost of the annual Festival of Lights is down.

For the festival, large displays of lighted Christmas decorations are set up in Ruihley Park.

In the past, lights have been left on around the clock in the hope heat from the bulbs would ward off moisture from rain and snow.

This year, Sauder Woodworking took prize money it won for being recognized as a “green” manufacturer and purchased special timers for the park lights.

Kidder showed park board members partial bills for the same time periods in 2010 and 2011.

The 2010 bill for 20,166 kilowatt-hours (kWh) was $2,459.92.

For 2011, the bill was for 7,477 kWh, and a cost of $995.66.

That’s a savings of $1,465.25, or almost 60%.

Kidder said there are more bills coming. She said those bills, too, should be signifi- cantly lower.


Kidder told board members the Parks & Recreation basketball program started Monday, Jan. 9, and in the first two nights, there were two minor injuries.

She said letters for spring baseball and softball will be going out soon. She anticipates there will be enough youngsters for seventh and eighth grade teams.

Vaughn Bentz and Moses Rodriguez, Park board members, were absent.

The next meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 15, 6 pm, in Archbold council chambers.– David Pugh

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