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Public Volunteers To Help On EMS Review Committee

Many citizens have expressed an interest in serving on the committee that will review the Fulton County Emergency Medical Service.

Minutes from Monday, April 2 meeting of the Fulton County Commissioners state people have been calling the county commissioners office, asking how they can serve.

Dean Genter, a commissioner, was paraphrased in the minutes as saying those interested in serving should submit a resume and a 50- word essay on why they wish to serve on the committee.

Commissioners plan a review of the county Emergency Medical Service system after having problems negotiating contracts with the communities and fire departments that host the EMS system.

As part of the discussions, ALS-1, the paramedic unit funded by the county and hosted and operated by the Archbold Fire Department, was criticized for allegedly slow response times during overnight hours.

Group Composition

The commissioners continued their discussion of whom to appoint to the EMS Advisory Board.

The EMS Advisory Board was first formed in 1998 to develop the combined manpower advanced life support system for the county.

It was suggested Daniel J. Huffman, M.D., filling in as county coroner, could assume a dual role as county medical director and representative of the Fulton County Health Center emergency department.

In a telephone interview, Rod Cheney, Fulton County EMS director, said he suggested a person from another county’s EMS system either hold a seat on the advisory board or be the facilitator at a meeting to discuss the EMS system.

Cheney said that someone from outside the Fulton County system may have thoughts or ideas that local people have not considered.

The locations of the paramedic unit “bases,” or stations, were also discussed.

Cheney said part of the original discussion when the ALS system was established was whether to strategically locate paramedic units in locations near where their calls might be expected, or be based at the fire stations.

He said whether or not the advisory board discusses the issue will be decided by the commissioners.


Cheney said there also was discussion about when it is appropriate to dispatch an Advanced Life Support (paramedic) unit and when a BLS, or Basic Life Support unit, could do the job.

That issue, he said, was better discussed between the county fire chiefs and Darrell Merillat, Fulton County sheriff, representing FCSD dispatchers.

Cheney said invitations to serve on the EMS Advisory Board should be sent next week.

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