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Protect Our Children

An Archbold school bus that was stopped to pick up children on US20A was struck from behind by a vehicle at 7:36 am, Monday morning.

When we hear news of a crash involving a school bus, no matter how slight, it makes us gasp. It’s because we know the precious, irreplaceable cargo school buses carry.

Thanks to luck, fate, and the hand of God, the bus suffered minimal damage, and none of the 20 children on the bus were hurt.

Hopefully, the incident serves to remind citizens of the potential for tragedy. A bus can hold 80 or more youngsters. A crash involving a school bus can leave a community totally devastated.

Please exercise extra caution around school buses. Be aware, they make frequent stops, sometimes even on a highway. It’s a law. Don’t pass a stopped school bus with its stop sign deployed and its lights flashing. Always assume the bus is stopping, and slow down.

Protecting our children at home, at school, and on the way to or from school is mandatory.

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